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⚡ Our projects

Applications for learning Czech

The app for foreigners who have just arrived in the Czech Republic is specially designed to help them quickly learn the vocabulary they will need in their profession. The app contains a large database of words and phrases, divided into different categories such as business, law, finance, etc. Users can select their profession and learn the vocabulary that is important for it. In addition, the app includes interactive exercises such as quizzes and translations to help users remember vocabulary better. The app also includes audio recordings to help users understand the correct pronunciation. With this app, foreigners can quickly and efficiently learn the vocabulary they need to successfully perform their jobs in the Czech Republic.

In progress...

Website for Plzen dance school

Our web studio Kosmoweb.cz has teamed up with dance studio Uniqueplzen to create a professional and modern website. The site was designed to present the dance studio in the best light and provide users with all the information they need about dance classes and events. The intuitive and clear design makes it easy to navigate through the site and find the information you need. In addition, the site is optimized for search engines so it is easy to find online. The collaboration with Kosmoweb.cz has allowed Uniqueplzen Dance Studio to improve its online presence and provide a better way for its students and fans to learn about its activities.

The REKOSAN website

A website for the company recosan was developed in a short period of time. The client can edit the content presented on the website and receive structured applications from customers. A questionnaire for potential customers has also been added to the website.

Redemption site for cars and other vehicles

Our studio has developed a website for a company that buys different types of cars. The output is an adaptive website with the ability to edit content. A multi-language function has also been implemented.

Car rental website in the Czech Republic with car rental catalogue

A multi-page website of a car rental company was developed. A special feature was the addition of a catalogue of cars with their detailed technical parameters. It also added the ability to edit content

New Russian Film Festival

Был разработан веб-сайт фестиваля русских фильмов, который проходил в Чехии. Так же встроена мультиязычность и возможность покупки билета онлайн

And many others...